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8 billion = number of possible Earth like planets in our Galaxy (NASA/SpacePlace)

250 billion = Estimated number of stars in our galaxy; the Milky Way. 22   

350 billion = number of stars in Andromeda, a relatively nearby galaxy. 51,154,   

1 trillion (1,000,000,000,000) = estimated number stars in Galaxy M87. 36

100 trillion = possible number of stars in Galaxy IC 1101 the largest known galaxy. 36

100+ billion = Estimated number of galaxies in the observable universe. 36,154  

2X10    (20,000,000,000,000,000,000,000) stars.      2X10      is twenty-sextillion or
twenty billion trillions
167. = Estimated number stars in the observable universe.

130,000,000,000,000 = 130 trillion = Conservative estimate of the  number of
possible Earth like planets in the visible universe.
100 billion = number of planets in our Galaxy estimated by astronomers using
NASA data   (
“I think that only daring speculation can lead us further and not the
accumulation of facts.” Albert Einstein

One of the purposes of this book and site is to propose that the possible number of life
supporting Earth-like planets is so enormous that life must exist throughout the
universe. On some of those planets life could just now be emerging while on others life
may have existed for billions of years. Based upon that possibility it is easy to
imagine that some life supporting planets could be millions if not billions of years older
than are own.   

Consequently the possibility presents itself that some of those older planets might
support civilizations of beings who have evolved millions or even billions of years past
our current level of development.  Those super-advanced beings could have perfected
their technology and biology to the point where they might seem like
"gods" to us just as we might seem like gods to lesser developed worlds.

Finally if others have evolved to super advanced levels so can we.
                                              The Continuum   
Big Bangs / Black Holes and The River of Living Energy
      A Personal Guide To Eternity

Book and Site's Purpose
This WEB Site and  associated book’s purpose is to connect the reader in a most profound and personal way to the eternal
physical and spiritual processes of the universe.  And then to show how all life proceeds within that nurturing environment in a
continual journey of ever increasing levels of consciousness and energy.  

Main topics:
The Continuum Hypothesis, the multi-verse, infinity of space and time, endless cycles of big bangs and big crunches for
enormous volumes of space, the "sacred ground" of life supporting planets, soul evolutionary development, the how and why of
God,  individual and humanity's purpose, the stages of consciousness evolutionary development, life is eternal / there is no  death,
personal proactive evolutionary development.

Everything has purpose and connectivity to everything else. One example, scientific investigation and religious / philosophical
inquiry are moving toward a fusion of understanding.  Recent scientific discoveries are suggesting that due to the shear
number of star systems and possible life supporting planets we are probably not alone in the universe. Meanwhile the great
religious  traditions have long asserted the continuance of consciousness beyond “death”. In support of this belief system are
the thousands of well documented investigations of near death experiences which powerfully support the concept that life and
consciousness do not reside in the physical body but rather in some form of living energy being or “soul”. An hypothesis can be
suggested that long ago some planetary civilizations have evolved their consciousness - their souls - to super advanced levels
We too can purposely seek to achieve super-advanced levels of consciousness and soul development. There exists a  
cooperative; a Godhead, of advanced souls which we too can strive to participate in.

Overall Organization:
The book is divided into five books encompassing seventeen chapters and a bibliography with commentary.

Book I – The Continuum Hypothesis – with Chapters 1 and 2.
Introduces and briefly outlines the basic concepts of The Continuum Hypothesis and its sub-hypotheses.

Book II – The Big Bang / Black Hole Hypothesis – with Chapters 3 and 4
Describes the Big Bang / Black Hole Sub-Hypothesis. This Hypothesis in many ways parallels current knowledge of the universe
but goes beyond that to suggest in a detailed manner a multi-verse of “universes” that is infinite in mass, volume, and time. That
infinite multi-verse provides the structure within which life has evolved over countless “universal cycles”.  

Book III – The River of Living Energy Hypothesis – with Chapters 5 - 10
Chapters 5 and 6 introduce the River of Living Energy Sub-Hypothesis which describes all life as living energy-orbs (souls).
“God” is then described as a voluntary association of powerful, highly evolved, super-conscious souls that lovingly create new
free-willed souls on a continual basis.
Chapters 7 through 10 describe stages of soul evolutionary development from infinitesimal living orbs of energy to super-powerful
beings who may if they choose unite in Oneness with God

Book IV – Proactive Growth: A Personal Guide To Eternity – with Chapters 11 - 13
Describes how individuals can purposefully and actively strive to develop their levels of consciousness, energy, and will in order
to achieve positive change for themselves and society in general.  It’s a personal guide on how to proceed through eternity.  

Book V – Purpose – with Chapters 14 - 17
Suggests a collective purpose for humanity including serving others, proper stewardship of planet Earth, the quest for continual
improvement of the human condition, and how to join / link with the many advanced societies in our Galaxy.  Also suggests that  
individuals seek a purpose and strive  to fulfill that purpose.  In that quest any individual can experience eternity in all its beauty
and  wonder while continually evolving to ever higher levels consciousness and energy.

The multi-verse in effect is a massive continually cycling process. In that process whole “universes” repeatedly cycle through
Big Bang style “explosions” and then enormous “crunches” creating “universe-mass” black holes. Those black holes in turn
eventually explode as big bangs. That ongoing process provides a permanent structure for life-supporting planets. Planet Earth,
along with hundreds of trillions of other life supporting planets in the multi-verse, serve as the “sacred ground” and nurseries for
embryonic soul evolutionary development.   

There exists a “Oneness” of quadrillions upon quadrillions of advanced souls who through their pooled knowledge and power
have gained the ability to manipulate at will the processes of the universe.  That Oneness seeks to expand itself through the
continual creation of new free-willed beings. Those free-willed beings can evolve to that Oneness; that is we, each of us, can
eventually evolve to join that Oneness.  It is our destiny.  However we must pro-actively strive to achieve the potential that lies within  
each of us. The suggestions in the  “Personal Guide to Eternity” can help individuals to better understand and control their own
evolutionary development.  
Facts and Estimates:
Book Dedications
Table of Contents By Chapter
The River of Living Energy
To Detailed Table of Contents with links to each chapter topic.
This work is dedicated to many wonderful people
among them
Giordano Bruno a brave and inspiring
soul whose vision motivated this work and all those
who dare to challenge  current knowledge and set
belief systems.  

Giordano Bruno, “God is infinite, so His universe
must be too. Thus is the excellence of God magnified
and the greatness of His kingdom made manifest;
He is glorified not in one, but in countless suns; not
in a single earth, a single world, but in a thousand
thousands, I say in an infinity of worlds.”
Giordano Bruno quotes:
Giordano Bruno - Italian philosopher, mathematician and astronomer burned
at the stake by the Inquisition on February 17, 1600 because he extended the
Copernican hypothesis to its logical conclusion; stating that the sun is merely
one of an infinity of stars orbited by an infinity of life supporting planets, that
stretch across  boundless space. He refused to repudiate his beliefs even at
the threat of burning at the stake.

One of the great moments of bravery and the exercise of intellectual freedom
in world history !   We have not forgotten you Giordano.  Thank you so much

Please observe February 17th as Giordano Bruno remembrance day.
Special Recognition to Giordano Bruno
Innumerable suns exist.
Innumerable earths revolve around them.
Rowland Robert Reeves
Copyright 2001 and 2016
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